Virtual Camera Experience


Roles I played: visual/UX/UI designer, storyboard artist 

This is a self-directed project.


VCE, Virtual Camera Experience is an application designed for previewing and comparing cameras (especially the DSLRs) in a virtual environment. VCE has 3 main features to offer: Overviews of the cameras/equipment, the Virtual Camera Experience and comparison/contrast. Our goal is to help our users to decide which camera to buy in an E-commerce situation by learning and experiencing the camera in a virtual environment. 
The ideal platform is the iPad mini, as its 7.9-inch screen is relatively the same size as the standard DSLR (in width and length). 

Based on our research and survey result, potential buyers want to:

Know, Try, and Compare the products

“More a customer knows about a product,
more likely they willing to purchase the product. ”

-- Jiang and Benbasat, Information Systems Research
Vol. 18, No. 4, December 2007, pp. 454–470


Helping potential cameras buyers choose a most suitable camera.


Getting familiar with the product through details, comparing, and experiencing.


  1. Choosing a brand → Choosing a camera model → Checking different aspects of the camera
  2. Experiencing → Playing with different functions of the camera → Taking pictures
  3. Choosing different camera models to compare → Compare different aspects of camera models


High­-Fidelity Mockups



Adding to the Compare Chart


Choosing Canon 60D in this application 

Canon 60D Overview

General Information

Canon 60D Photo Samples

This application also showcases photo samples and spec of the photo, such as the lenses were used and also the camera setting to help the potential buyers to learn about the camera more. 

Canon 60D Overview

Appearance of the Camera

Canon 60D Compare and Experience Button

The Experience Button brings the users to the VCE so the users can experience the camera in a virtual setting.


There are interactive handles for the users to tests the camera features.

Checking out a comparison

Pressing the button at the top left corner leads the users to the comparison table. 

Checking out a comparison

the spec difference between the two models

The Performance Comparison

Comparing the photos that are taken in a similar setting with the differnt models.


The VCE application is aimed to introduce the intended interaction to its users. Although there is no physical demo that the users can play with, there is the Virtual Experience component for the potential buyers to interact the model they want to learn about. By learning more about the product, there is a higher tendency that the potential buyers can buy the products online with less hesitation.   


  1. Jiang and Benbasat: The Functional Mechanisms of Online Product Presentations
    Information Systems Research 18(4), pp. 454–470, ©2007 INFORMS